War Thunder Launch game for PSVR

The second world war flight simulator War Thunder was one of the first games that had support for the Oculus Rift. Since last week the game is also compatible with the HTC Vive, but the developers Gaijin are not going to stop there if we must believe our colleagues from RoadToVR. War Thunder will support […]

Gameplay video's

VR SNOWBALL FIGHT GAME! | Snow Fortress (HTC Vive Gameplay)

It’s time for a awesome and cute snow fort defense game in Virtual Reality! Snow Fortress let’s you relive your childhood by building big forts and do snowball fights! Unlock a bunch of tools to protect your fort and deliver a fury of snowballs against angry snowman. Check it out: Did you like this […]


Run Oculus in Windows 10

Use the Rift in Windows 10 A lot of people are complaining that the runtime software doesn’t work with Windows 10. Well Wiinii posted a solution on Reddit. We’ve tested the solution and can confirm it works. Remove driver The first thing you want to do is delete a driver-file from Oculus VR. This file […]


Pikmin on Dolphin VR with Oculus Rift

In Pikmin, the main protagonist is Captain Olimar, a tiny extraterrestrial from the planet Hocotate. The story starts when Olimar is taking an intergalactic vacation in outer space. However, during his flight, a comet hits his spaceship, the S.S. Dolphin (a reference to the GameCube’s codename, “Project Dolphin” and how ironic the best GameCube emulator […]




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