OCULUS Touch Controllers appear in German Media Markt webshop

Media Markt in Germany announced the price and release date for the Oculus Touch controllers! The price will be 199 euro’s and the release date appear to be November 21 2016. Furthermore, the specs of the controllers are shown. They are 114.3 mm wide and 96.5 mm high and the depth is 104.1 mm. The controllers […]

Gameplay video's

THE FUTURE IS NOW! | HTC Vive Virtual Reality

Time to dive right back into Virtual Reality with the new HTC Vive. The Aperture Robot Repair demo blew my mind!     Related posts: CREEPIN’ AND LURKIN’ | Boogeyman Oculus Rift Golden Secrets! | Unreal Shift at Freddy’s Oculus Rift A 10C Oculus Rift Training Lunchtime with my Gear VR – Cityscape Repairman


Play PS4 and Xbox One games in Virtual Reality in your Vive, Oculus Rift and friends online

This is how I play my PS4 and Xbox One games in virtual reality! You can use the free application BigScreen and the free streaming apps from Xbox and PlayStation. It’s amazing to play games like Forza Motorosport with the Rift or platoformers for the Playstation 4 like Ratchet and Clank on a Big VR […]


The Climb

The Climb is a first-person climbing simulator for the Oculus Rift. Make your way to the top of the mountain in the shortest possible time. The game is developed by Crytek, famous for their high quality visuals and of course their powerful game development platform Cryengine. This game is a graphical masterpiece and without doubt […]




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