Valve adds support for OSVR to Steam

Valve added support for the Open Source Virtual Reality headset from Razer. Games that support the platform, now have an icon next to their name. OSVR is the third VR platform supported by Steam after the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The company announced 32 games that work with the platform, but when in […]

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Lunchtime with my Gear VR – Protocol Zero

Today on Lunchtime with my Gear VR I take a look at the game Protocol Zero. This game is a stealth shooter that overall is pretty cool! The one aspect I found to be very interesting in it was the fact that the developers used the neck model from the Oculus SDK to enable a […]


How to create a free virtual credit card for the Oculus Store

A much received complaint about the Oculus Store, is that you can only pay with a credit card. Fortunately, there is a free and easy way to get a credit card number and make purchases via the Oculus Store. The solution is a so-called digital prepaid credit card. There are several parties that offer such […]


Netflix for Gear VR avaible now!

John Carmack (CTO of Oculus and programmer extraordinaire) is the creator of Netflix the TV user interface for the Samsung Gear VR. This app could end up being the most important app that shoot mobile VR into the success it disservices. At his presentation Carmack told the audience he spent two days with Netflix VP […]




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