Valve adds support for OSVR to Steam

Valve added support for the Open Source Virtual Reality headset from Razer. Games that support the platform, now have an icon next to their name. OSVR is the third VR platform supported by Steam after the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The company announced 32 games that work with the platform, but when in […]


Gameplay video's


We try another demo in the HTC VIVE headset. This time we bust out our art skills with TILTBRUSH. Related posts: BEST VIRTUAL REALITY DINOSAUR GAME | Jungle Dino (Oculus Rift) Lunchtime with my Gear VR – Labster CSI Forensics Lab South Park Oculus Experience (Oculus Rift Dk2) Oculus Rift Dk2: Hunger in LA


Euro Truck Simulator 2 update compatible with Vive and Rift

One of the first full games that supported virtual reality was Euro Truck Simulator 2. The developers updated the game every change of the way. However, it took a while to make it work with the consumer software. Today Euro Truck Simulator is updated and works with the latest Oculus runtime 1.3. If you’re new to […]


It’s puke time: Space Marine Boot Camp

In Space Marine Boot Camp you’ll have to go through some serious and humorous training. After a small speech from Sarge A-H01E you can enter one of the six missions. From the Human-Centrifuge, the scary Target Practice and Chow time (a small memory game with sound making food), if you are ready you can go to the Search & Destroy […]




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