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It’s puke time: Space Marine Boot Camp


In Space Marine Boot Camp you’ll have to go through some serious and humorous training. After a small speech from Sarge A-H01E you can enter one of the six missions. From the Human-Centrifuge, the scary Target Practice and Chow time (a small memory game with sound making food), if you are ready you can go to the Search & Destroy mission. If you finish one of the missions with style, you’ll be rewarded with some puke time! The better you do, the longer you may puke!

Space Marine Boot Camp uses the head-tracking feature to drive true the menus and gameplay, with a press on the spacebar or gamepad you interact. This creates a very accepted experience. To push you to the limit, you can get awards: bronze, silver or gold. If you do bad Sarge will eject you into space…

We had fun with the game.. Playtime: 60 to 120 minutes.


overall rating


Space Marine Boot Camp

Free demo
  • Download: 264 MB
  • RAM: Unknown
  • Graphic card: Unknown
  • OS: Windows/Mac 64-nits
  • Developer: Ezone.com
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