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Hoi... 萝卜青菜,各有所爱...

VR Cosmic Roller Coaster

In virtual reality everything is possible. You can dive deep oceans, be at the concert of your dreams or ride roller coasters you never dreamed of. VR Cosmic Roller Coaster takes all this to a new level, it’s a roller coaster in space. It’s a short but really fun tour into the wonderful cosmos.

Project Morpheus will cost several hundred dollars

Sony puts at E3 in full motion more than half of Sony’s the booths are dedicated to their VR headset for the PlayStation 4. The keynote of Sony is only a few hours away and there are some small details leaked through Wired. The exact price of Morpheus is not named but is clear that […]

Oculus announces a new animation story

At a new microsite Oculus VR and Oculus Story Studio introduce Henry. It’s a comedy animation video which will be available later this year, probably July 28 because that date stands at the top corner of the microsite. Henry is a  charming hedgehog who wants to make friends. The story will begin in Henry’s home, but much more […]

Tsunami Island

You have been stranded on an island that is being constantly hit by tsunamis. People used to live on the island 40 or so years ago- when the tsunamis started coming- now all there is left are some buildings and a few tools. You must use your intellect, and speed, to survive the coming tsunamis […]

Paul McCartney

Experience musical legend and visionary Sir Paul McCartney performing “Live and Let Die” in 360 degrees, with stereo 3D and immersive audio in Jaunt’s first publicly released cinematic VR experience. Requires a recent 5″ or 6″ phone and a Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer.

Affected DK2 – The Oculus Rift Horror Experience

Affected – The Cabin, is not just a collection of routine jump scares, but a series of unfolding events and cinematic scenes that have been specifically designed to utilise the strengths of the Oculus Rift. It really is about immersing and transporting the user into a world unlike anything they have ever experienced before. —————————— […]

“BUTTS: The VR Experience”

“BUTTS: The VR Experience” is an animated VR short about love, trust, and learning what it means to be truly free. With an Oculus Rift DK2 one can transport themselves into a brand new bright and colorful world of happiness and excitement, and make some friends along the way. “BUTTS: The VR Experience” will make […]


-hit the falling glass cubes. -pass stages -without leaving any unbroken glass cube try the 24-hour mode in which you can see how many glass cubes you’ve broke And also try the VR mode (gyroscope required!)