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Temple of Mind

This is an interactive music experience for the track “Temple of Mind” by my friend Shamanic Technology. Instead of passively watching a music video, the listener is transported into a realm where they must find the temple of mind for themselves. This is my first project with Unity. I started this project as a learning […]


Concept After completing Volotic and working on a planet-themed VR project with David Lobser, I began to imagine a set of musical planets with different visual and aural themes that could be explored in virtual reality. My earliest visions of the experience involved generative landscapes and audio, but time constraints led to a limited set […]

Speech Center

Improve your speaking skills as Speech Center coaches you through a hostile audience and scanning attention around the room. Everyone faces difficulties in communication, whether it’s speaking publicly, chatting with your girlfriend in a coffeeshop, or singing karaoke with friends. Practicing public speaking builds experience and confidence, but talking into a mirror only gets you […]