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MARUI – Plugin for Autodesk Maya

So you’re making a game for Oculus Rift, but to make the 3D models you still use your 2D screen? Why not do the modeling in VR, increase your productivity and get a better immediate understanding of how your model would appear your user? If you use Autodesk Maya, this Plug-In is for you. A simple […]

Dirrogate – A 3D-360 VR novel (teaser)

Based on the hard scif-fi novel “Memories with Maya”, the VR experience takes the story foward… 8 years into the future, when Dirrogates (Digital Surrogates) have evolved and so has the “Wizer” (visor+AI) that Dan has invented. The ‘Wizer’ is like the Rift + Hololens combined with Google like deeplearning libraries embedded. Maya, Dans’s girlfriend […]

Senomix VR Clock

It’s easy to lose yourself in games and movies enjoyed in Virtual Reality, but it’s a bit too easy to lose track of time as well. The Senomix VR Clock provides you with a “real world” solution by giving you an audio clock you can use with your Oculus Rift games and movies. Set an alarm to […]

Virtual Desktop

 Tired of taking your rift on and off to get games running? By efficiently replicating your desktop into the Rift, Virtual Desktop allows you to see your desktop on a giant virtual screen. This allows you to launch VR games and resume from them seamlessly. You can also browse the web, watch movies or even […]

Learn to Meditate

LEARN MEDITATION WITH VIRTUAL REALITY With this experience, you can learn meditation like never before. You will be guided by a beautiful voice that will explain you how to relax and enter in a meditation state. With meditation, the physiology undergoes a change and every cell in the body is filled with more prana (energy). […]


Convrge is a VR social world. Come hang out with friends, make new friends, join us for our weekly events, and create your own virtual communities. We created Convrge because VR is all we can think about, and the coolest thing about VR is hanging out with other people in VR. The ability to connect […]


EarthVR-MMO is a virtual world built around streetview imagery. Thanks to Kiwano MMO networking infrastructure, avatars evolve all in the same space: no rooms, shards nor islands. This first version does not feature avatars yet, however we thought Oculus Rift owners will be glad to try immersion in streetview imagery. Few more weeks and everyone […]