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VR Bites: how I started and where I’m now

Hé Guy’s, Thank you so much for visiting VR Bites. The website grew far above my expectations. I’m so thankful for the all the visitors. I know I didn’t post that much lately. I’m rethinking my strategy a little bit. Let me explain: I started building VR Bites because no one cared about VR. Most […]

Elite Dangerous Space Blog #01

Welcome to my first Elite Dangerous Space Blog. I have this idea for a while so today I present my first CMDR ClassicGamerNL Space blog. This is a story about my adventures with the game Elite Dangerous. You can watch me live on YouTube almost every day around 9 PM. The journey to the center of the galaxy is long, […]

Imagine stories like this in VR

Today I’ve read an article in the Daily Mail that really touched my heart. The story is about a bear Baloo, Lion Leo and the Bengal tiger Shere Khan. They were discovered during a drug raid in Atlanta. They were just two months old and found the basement of the house. The animals suffered badly and needed surgery […]

DiRT RALLY – OCULUS RIFT DK2 – VW Polo R WRC @ Bidno Moorland Reverse, Wales

We are huge fans of LOSTinVR. Today he has posted a new video.  He set an amazing time in Bidno Moorland in reverse 3:19,775. This is truly the king of VR race games.  🙂 LOSTinVR is a German Virtual Reality Gamer who plays SimRacing with the Oculus Rift DK2. He loves Motorsports as you can see on his instagram. [symple_button color=”green” url=”https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChbEDnvcx12_0ipCIRepCgw” […]

Play Nintendo games in Virtual Reality!

Nintendo is known for their innovative hardware, but the Japanese company doesn’t want to know a thing about Virtual Reality. The company says that playing games is a social activity and vr is the opposite, but we think is probably because of the failure of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy back in the 90s. It’s a shame, […]

Run Oculus in Windows 10

Use the Rift in Windows 10 A lot of people are complaining that the runtime software doesn’t work with Windows 10. Well Wiinii posted a solution on Reddit. We’ve tested the solution and can confirm it works. Remove driver The first thing you want to do is delete a driver-file from Oculus VR. This file […]

Virtual Reality is more than a gaming device

One of the true  aspects of virtual reality is its ability to let you experience and feel like you are there. Virtual reality isn’t just a game device, it is a really powerful machine with endless possibilities. It let you experience any environment like you are there. Chris Milk is an American music video director and […]