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Gamescom: Edge of Nowhere Oculus Rift

At the Gamescom I was able to try Insomniac’s latest project for the Oculus Rift: Edge of Nowhere. Insomniac Games is known from titles like Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive. Edge of Knowhere is a thirt-person adventure game that will blow you of your seat. In the short teaser that is available, you’ll see […]

Gamescom 2015: I’m excited and tense.

This year’s Gamescom will begin tomorrow. My suitcase is packed, hotel is booked and I will leave my beloved home tonight. I’m excited and a bit tense. I’m completely on own and don’t have professional equipment to make high quality video’s like other publishers. I just hope my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will do job […]

VR Demonstration at the retirement home

Today I gave a virtual reality demonstration at a retirement home in Haarlem (Holland). The elderly don’t have much to do this time of year because of the holyday season, so I brought some fun to their homes today. At first we tried out Colosse: A Story in Virtual Reality. This was a bit scary, […]

How to Create Google Cardboard from a Pizza box

Create your own VR headset from a pizza box The famous virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, will be available next year! A small piece of advance technology, that will change the entertainment industry forever. Do you want a glimpse of what awaits you? Then create your own virtual reality headset from a pizza box! What do […]

Minor changes to VRBites

Since VR is evolving fast and Microsoft is taking a big part in most VR projects like the Oculus Rift and the Vive, I made some changes to the menu’s, categorical structures and technical summary of apps and games. I’ve changed the menu name Oculus Rift into Windows so all the VR-headsets will fit under […]

Steam Summer Sale VR Games!

It’s the sale every gamer waits for: the Steam Summer Sale! At this moment the sale is live, and that means thousands of games are on sale. Some with deep discounts. The sale will run from June 11-20 and we picked out all the games that are VR capable at this moment. ARK: Survival Evolved […]

Five best VR Roller Coasters rides

One of the most intense experiences in virtual reality are the roller coaster rides. It demonstrates all necessary parts to experience the possibility’s with VR. You can look around freely, Trackers can see you bending over and most people feel there stomach when going in a looping or curves. We have seen and tried a lot of […]