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VR Happy Forest – Cardboard

You can hear the birds and the forest as a wonderful classically orchestrated song plays along, enhancing your experience of being in the magical Happy Forest clearing. The grass sways at your feet as the leaves in the trees move back and forth in the wind. Are those fairy lights floating in the air? Additional […]

VR Bearclaw’s Forge Cardboard

Another beautiful day in Riverton, and for Bearclaw, it’s another day to prepare for war. It seems inevitable. Peace can lull your tribe into a sense of security. He should know. When he was a lad, he was apprenticing with his father as word came down that the Darkbeard Tribe was on the move. The […]

The Hunger Games – Virtual Reality Experience

With The Hunger Games – Virtual Reality Experience, immerse yourself in a 360° narrative that explores key moments from throughout Katniss’ journey, across all four films in the series. Soar through iconic environments and scenes from throughout Panem, encountering your favorite characters and witnessing the global phenomenon from within. You can also see Nathies gameplay […]

VR Jurassic Coaster

Experience the real life sensation of this 3D Jurassic fly through with your mobile virtual reality headset for Google Cardboard or any mobile virtual reality headset. Additional information Price Free Updated April 16, 2015 Size 34M Installs 10,000 – 50,000 Current Version 1.0.1 Requires Android 4.1 and up Content Rating PEGI 7 Offered By Frag

VR Scary Forest – Cardboard

You have arrived at Riverton on the evening of the Fall Festival, where every child has the opportunity to watch the magical dance of the faeries in a safe environment. Our town and our elders see a great need to reflect on how to balance our interactions with the universe. During our festival, white energy raises […]

VR Haunted Hospital Cardboard

How did they convince you to come inside? They were all too terrified to follow you. Are you able to to conquer your fear and stay inside longer than your friends? Eerie sound effects and, well, a creepy atmosphere await you inside the Haunted Hospital. Will you make it until the morning? Additional information Price […]

Nightmares VR (Head free)

Shoot, run and keep yourself alive until you awake! Nightmares utilises the immersive power of Google Cardboard and your mobile device to create the experience of you being the protagonist of a horror dream. Additional information Updated April 9, 2015 Size 43M Installs 100 – 500 Current Version 1.0 Requires Android 4.1 and up Content Rating […]

VR World

Get ready to explore a cool virtual world game in 3D virtual reality. Experience the real sensation of being INSIDE the game, and seeing depth with just your mobile virtual reality headset. This game boasts a oculus rift style 360 VR field of view, a large world you can explore, complete with caves, bridges, buildings, […]