Lost In The Kismet

Lost in the Kismet is the very first 3D virtual reality(VR) room escape mobile game. With VR headset(goggles) such as Google Cardboard, ImmersiON-VRelia GO, Durovis Dive or HOMiDO. Players can enjoy the puzzle solving experience with just one mobile. Without moving any finger, you only need to stare at objects to interact with scenes in the […]

Cardboard Labirinto

Find the end of the amazing labyrinth. Play the real wooden labyrinth forgotten on an island. The game is made for Google Cardboard, but a real headset is recommended. This game is still a development version. There are some known bugs Please restart the game in such a case. [symple_youtube id=”K5V5vMpgWng”]  

VR Fly

Feel like a fly? No! Be the Fly! Explore the area around! Maybe you find something very valuable things. This game has 2 game modi: 1. Virtual reality view (VR-View) for VR-Headsets like the Durovis Dive, Cardboard, Stooksy VR-Spectiv, Refugio3D, VReye GO, Samsung Gear, and others.The gyrometer in your phone is used for the control […]