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That in the Moon did Glitter

Where are you? How did you get here? To find out, explore your tiny new world with the help of a motley cadre. Beware of the day — you’re safe at night while the strangers are asleep. Scavenge to find materials to safely barricade yourself away from the light. If you can survive long enough […]

The Captain took your Ducky

The Captain took your ducky! He kidnapped it from its beloved pool and brought it far away to a dry and uncomfortable place. You, a super strong hero who cares a lot about his ducky, start to chase the kidnapper. Your little quack needs water, and you shouldn’t leave a stone unturned. Literally. In worlds […]

Virtual Dog

The application would make users interact with a dog( maybe beagle) like they are naturally interacting with one. The dog would respond to the interactions of the user.The response would be in the form of barks , tail movement, running to fetch things etc.The user can get attention the dog by making noises like whistling […]

Gliding Princess

This is game an action game like “Mario Bross”. Your mission is collecting coins in several castle stages. It is important that you can move as you want to. Therefore, the developers made a game which provides player with comfortable experience. The experience is jump up, gliding in the sky, and moving ground around 360 degree. […]

Captain Clark Adventures

Captain Clark Adventures is a “look-and-tap” adventure game in VR, where you solve puzzles to escape the pirates that captured you. Captain Clark Adventures is a “look-and-tap” virtual reality adventure game (VR first-person “point-and-click” game like Broken Sword or Monkey Island) where you play through the main character’s eyes in VR. Settings In this first […]


Solve puzzles, match objects to gain clues in the stars, and guide your carpet through a vibrant city. Navigate by constellation as you fly on a magic carpet through the mystical land of Bazaar, collecting exotic curios and crafting instruments to aid your journey. Puzzle your way through the districts to unlock their treasures and […]