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Mystery of Malfaxus

About Mystery of Malfaxus is a “Hands Free” Fantasy Adventure specifically designed to take advantage of the Oculus’ Mobile technologies and create a full experience with only the gaze of the player as input. This will allow people with disabilities and those without controllers to play and gameplay does not require touchpad interaction. The game […]

Temple of the Swamp Giraffes

The Temple of the Swamp Giraffes is a classic rail shooter with a twist- you’re goal is to find the collect the souls of all the priests who died in the swamp. The player has full control of their sight, but no control over their path- allowing them to focus their attention on the beautiful […]

Lands of Ravensword

Lands of Ravensword is an interactive game trailer that lets you experience the Kingdom of Tyreas in a virtual 3D space. It mixes lush 3d environments and some of the detailed creatures that explore these environments.   Controls -Tap the touchpad to begin -During the VR experience, tap and hold the touchpad to pause the […]

Galaxy Blade

 Galaxy Blade is a fighting game following an underdog gladiator forced to battle in an alien world. Taken from earth as a slave your player is dropped into this strange galaxy to sword fight one opponent at a time, battling through an insane space station arena. Starting at ground zero, you the Gladiator find yourself […]

Malice in Wonderland VR

 Controls – Headtracking to look/turn around – Touchpad on the Gear VR to toggle movement (except in the underwater scene) How it works The entire experience is about finding the end point to get to the next environment. Look around to explore the environment, what it is trying to tell, what secrets it’s hiding. Always […]

Mecha Tower

Mecha Tower is a tower defense game with two outstanding unique features: 1) It supports Virtual Reality allowing the player to observe the game board from different perspectives from above the board. 2) It features a special tower unit – the Mecha Tower (a stationary mountable turret) that can be entered by the player and […]