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Neos: The Universe

Universe… is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is… But in this experience we’re going to show you anyway and you know why? Because there’s something even greater than the sum all of the matter, energy and space in existence: Human curiosity. Thanks our imagination in tow with […]

From Ashes

From Ashes is a tour through space and time. Sit back and watch the universe evolve from the big bang to modern day technology. Galaxies, stellar explosions, molecules and dinosaurs are just some of the things waiting for you. Includes an optional fully voiced and animated tour guide. This is an amazing experience! We’ve tried this game […]

Historium Virtual Reality Lab

With the start of a Virtual Reality Laboratorium, Historium wants to involve her visitors in the creation of this innovative project. The aim is to gather feedback, to examine in which way Virtual Reality could be introduced as a permanent part of the Historium visitor attraction. From 1/04/2015 until 31/05/2015, visitors of Historium have the […]

Emergency Water Landing VR

In the near future, people will learn about safety through virtual reality experiences and immersive games in their homes. This demo provides you with a glimpse of that future, created at the University of Udine by the Human-Computer Interaction Lab (http://hcilab.uniud.it), a research and development team specialized in safety apps (for more apps see http://hcilab.uniud.it/apps). […]