Gigatron hell ride song

The most famous Heavy Metal band in the world and other galaxies launch the first VRideoclip experience, before Metallica, before AC/DC, before Iron Maiden. O.O Enjoy the hell ride with and exclusive track for Oculus Rift. Long live rock n roll!

The Memory Machine

The Memory Machine is a meditative journey through memories. It was originally designed to be an installation piece, and was exhibited in Oslo in the spring of 2015. The memories are comprised of 3D-scans from the free app 123D Catch, and are a chronicle of the creators own personal life in the months leading up […]


The creation of this series has studied spiritualism fears of Thailand and technical programs related to what used to be found. 1) From the past to the present society, Thailand has spiritualism and there are fears of a ghost story always come and widely used as a building haunted house, which is what simulated for […]

The Watcher

The Watcher. A game where you find yourself in a surreal nightmare, you must find your way home and look for the Exit on each level. But as you move on The Watcher becomes a problem and could stop you getting back. Gameplay idea’s helped from the old classic The Sentinal with a little Portal to […]

A Japanese Style Haunted House

A Japanese Style Haunted House. My First VR Content. You Can Experience Japanese Style Haunted House. Warning Not for the faint of heart. Please refrain from watching the content if any of the following applies to you: Have any mental or physical health concern and may have to see a doctor regularly. We shall not be liable […]


You play as Bosworth III, a simple beast of a man who descends from a long line of vampire assistants through the ages. The Count, your master of many years now is a nice enough fellow, the only problem is he sleepwalks around the castle sometimes and gets lost or stuck The game starts off […]


Cyberphobia, a new immersive VR experience from Spectral Illusions. After falling asleep in psych 101 class, you experience the phobias being discussed in the educational film you were watching. Are you ready to face your fears?