Korix – Retro Real Time Strategy Defense

This is a demo of Korix, our retro virtual reality real time strategy defense game based deep in space. A fun, simple cross between RTS and tower defense games. Korix puts you in charge of your own base where you must defend yourself from attack whilst also destroying the enemy. Korix is a “tabletop” VR game which […]

Attack of the Cubes VR

Attack of the Cubes started out as a basic student project. It then evolved into a simple three dimensional tower defense game for the Oculus. Your goal is to prevent cubes from entering the end sphere. Fend off enemies by building towers. Basics Clic on a square to select where to build a tower, then […]

Sermon on the Mount

Here is another Oculus experience that requires no input from the player. I’m currently working with the company ‘Immersive Faith’ to create some historical biblical experiences. This is the beta version of the Sermon on the Mount in which Jesus gives a sermon to his disciples. For more about religious experiences please check out www.ImmersiveFaith.com   […]


This demo is the beginning of CITADEL VR. A videogame in wich we are searching a greater user immersion through the 3D interaction with the surrounding. C.S.S CITADEL is a space station in a distant future where two warring factions fight to take over its control after a riot in the section that kept the […]

Virtual Valley VR

VR experience created for the Oculus Rift DK2. Experience camping in a quiet valley with a giant wombat, koala, dragonfly, yeti, UFO, Loch-ness and a stone temple with a water nymph. Sit by the fire amongst the mountains and watch the day turn to night. Take snapshots of your trip and save the images to […]

Little Leaf

An short experimental story telling experience in VR. This a mobile VR Jam 2015 Submission that has been ported to DK2.   Information Category Experience Genres Casual Exploration Supported Rift Versions DK2 Supported Controllers Keyboard Game Modes Single-Player  

Gone With The Flow

This universe is about to commit suicide, and you are the one who witness it. Your reality has only one observer, you. In this journey you realize this reality is about to suicide and you have to figure out what’s going on. Control the observer and flow to the gorund zero of this cosmic event. […]


FindrVoidr is an immersive virtual reality experience where one goes on a multidimensional voyage through time. The project is a musically synced journey for the Oculus Rift. The story is a broad adaptation of Julio Cortazar’s short story “The Night Face Up”. FINDR both composed the music and created the VR experience using Unreal Engine […]